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DC Local Leaders Podcast

May 9, 2022

Diet is way more than the food we put in our mouth.

We’ve all heard that we are what we eat but the idea of Nourishment includes more than just food that we put into our body.

I recently went on a 72 hour fast and have since been incorporating a 36 hour fast each week. One of the many benefits of fasting is that it eliminates Toxins from the body.  In his book The Seven Day Mental Diet author Emmet Fox provides a method for going on a Mental Fast and eliminating the Toxins & negative thoughts from our Minds.

We’re not just what we eat.  We are a product of everything we consume in every way that we consume it. We are a result of the people we surround ourselves with, everything we watch, everything we listen to, the ideas we are exposed to and believe, the examples we follow, and the environment we spend the most time in. Everything that affects our Human senses is a part of our Diet.

Is it reasonable to eat junk food nonstop and refuse to exercise and expect a healthy body? 

Is it reasonable to allow junk thoughts into our minds nonstop and refuse to work on ourselves and expect a healthy Mind?

We take care of what we eat and don’t consume food in excess all day long, choosing healthy nourishing foods to intake, and perform regular physical exercise in a variety of forms to maintain a useful, healthy and strong body.

Likewise, to maintain a resilient, positive, healthy Mindset we must make healthy choices in the diet of what we think, view, hear, and the company we keep.

 As with the requirement for the consistent practice of physical exercise, maintaining a healthy mindset also requires a consistent practice of mental exercises. These exercises come in the form of things such as Gratitude Lists, I Am statements, self-reflection, affirmations, meditation, identify limiting beliefs and reframing them into positive action-based statements.

I Am statements to for the week:

Today I am taking actions to maintain a healthy mindset.

Today I am Standing Guard at the Gates of My Mind.

Today I am fasting from Negative thoughts.

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