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DC Local Leaders Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

Tina shares her lessons learned from traveling the worlds most dangerous areas with PAE, learning the human condition with a coach, practicing empathy , being a mother, saying yes to opportunities and learning along the way 

It's not hard to see why she was asked to lead the Siemens Government Technologies mission!


Apr 16, 2021

The DC Local Leaders Podcast has partnered with Northern Virginia Technology Council and iheart Media to bring you a Video series of Talks with our Technology and Innovation Leaders here in the Greater Washington DC area.

This episode is Featuring Dr. Dannette Gomez Beane and Dr. Robin Jones of Virginia Tech Innovation...

Apr 9, 2021

Russ Berkoff CEO and President of StealthPath shares an insightful journey of all the lessons learned from West Point, Army Special Forces, NSA and now a leader of StealthPath with a culture of innovation, collaboration and unity of effort.

We cover everything from family, the exciting ways Stealth Path uses Zero Trust...